We’re having a baby!

Keeping up with this wonderful blog of our lives has been absolutely put on the back burner. I promised to update more frequently, oh about 3 years ago. Ha!

Well, we finally have news that must be shared on our page! We are having a baby!!

Baby Moore is due on March 4th, 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited. Our house is going to be filled with the joyous laughter of a baby and we can’t wait for you to meet our bundle of joy!

We welcome any tips and advice you have and I will update this site with the gender of Baby Moore soon and some ultrasound pictures!



Baby Moore is registered at Target and Amazon under Christina Moore or Alan Moore.

Life at this moment 

Well, it has been nearly a year since I posted on here but I will sum up our life at this moment!

We just celebrated our one year anniversary. We took off to NYC for a wonderful and exciting weekend. It was a great little get away but it felt like a weekend of working out! We walked over 35 miles in 3 days! It was crazy! Next trip will hopefully be much more relaxing!

We bought a house at the end of March. If you’re wondering why I haven’t sent out the change of address postcards I made nearly 3 months ago, well, it’s because I’m really slow and lazy about it. Sort of like this blog… 😉

I started a new job back in January at Athens First Bank & Trust. I literally love every second of it! The people there are amazing and working a Monday-Friday 8-5 job has been so great for Alan and I!

Murphy and Oakley both turned 3 this past year and Brantley turned 1. Time sure does fly with these babies! Speaking of babies, we are getting there. They are on the mind but not actually trying for them, yet. 😉

Alan and I celebrate our 5th year together this August. Hopefully, we’ll do something nice for it and he won’t forget it like he did last year- hint hint.

A few pictures below from NYC, the new house and the babies (puppies)

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Thank you!!

We could never say “Thank you” enough for the kindness and generosity everyone showed to us after we were married! We love you all!

We are married!!

I love reading my blog posts from the last year. I especially love the ones where I say that I will post more often….yeah, that never happens.. Haha.. But as of June 1st, 2014, We are MARRIED! The wedding was wonderful. It was located in Montego Bay, Jamaica in a beautiful gazebo that sat over the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. I felt like a princess in my wedding gown and I cried when my wonderful dad gave me away. Our vows were beautiful and honored God. It’s so nice to be able to call Alan my husband and to hear him call me his wife. We had a fabulous honeymoon in Jamaica. We snorkled, scuba dived, explored and really just enjoyed our time together. I can’t wait to see everyone at the end of this month for our reception!




I really should be better about posting on here but I literally forget about it. Things have been so busy for Alan and I here lately. I got a promotion at work so I work all the time now and he has been so busy traveling we rarely get time for ourselves! Today we finally got the chance to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to register for our wedding! I love that store so much but after spending four hours walking around, I don’t think I want to go back in there anytime soon, haha! After our long trip to Bx3, we went to Ashley furniture and finally purchased a nice dining room set. I’m very excited about it, but have to wait four weeks for it! Oh well, time will fly by. 

Speaking of time flying by, in about two months, we will be heading to Jamaica to get married!!! And we have picked our reception date: June 28th, 2014!! 


Oh a separate note, I bought the Duck Dynasty Devotional and I absolutely love it! They are wonderful devotions that are short and sweet. It is a great way to start or end my day talking to God. 

Well, it’s 10:00 PM on a Friday night and I will be heading to bed now! Thanks for reading, I will post more often! 

It’s my “bride” prerogative

So, I’ve literally changed my wedding plans 10 times and I’ve loved every second of it. But here’s to my last change…


WE’RE ELOPING!…… Sorta. 


I say sorta, because we’re not really hiding it from anybody and we are planning it in advance but we are going to an amazing spot in Montego Bay, Jamaica and we will say “I Do” on June 1st probably in some super picturesque place. We are taking my Dad and Alan’s Dad, Mom and sister and I’m really looking forward to this amazing vacation, but mainly, I’m looking forward to this time that I get to begin my marriage with my best friend. We plan to spend 9 days there (Our family will be there for 4 days) and it will be the best time <3. 


We plan on having a reception at the end of June in NC with all of our family and friends.We will watch our wedding video and have some great food and drinks.  This is also where our AMAZING bridal party will be honored and hopefully give some drunken speeches. 

Thanks for enjoying this ride as I planned my wedding and I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone. 


PS… I got my dress and I want to go into a billion details about it, but of course I can’t. 

Merry Christmas from Mr. and Future Mrs. Moore :)

Ah! I love saying that! I am Future Mrs. Moore. It’s now less than 11 months away and I have gone from frantically trying to plan everything, to wishing it was Tomorrow! We will be sending out save the dates soon, so be prepared for me to send you a message (probably on facebook) asking for you address if I don’t currently have it. Also, now that my maid of honor is back from China, I can’t wait to go Dress shopping with my girls!!! Merry Christmas if I don’t post again before! 

Wedding Venue Booked!

It’s amazing how things happen, right? After not ever being 100% satisfied with a wedding venue, I was disheartened. I thought maybe I’ll always find something I don’t love about my venue. I had a meeting to go to a work in Augusta, GA. It just so happened that the venue we had our meeting at, was the place I fell in love with. It is a beautiful indoor venue that has floor to ceiling windows, high vaulted ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, and it overlooks a rushing river and covered bridge. We officially booked it on Wednesday and will be saying I do on October 25th, 2014. I can’t wait to call Alan my husband. 

Um, Less than 1 year away!!!!

So it’s October 8th, and my wedding is less than one year away. It has literally just hit me that I have to get on this, like now! Haha. Picking out a theme, colors, location, dress, decorations, ahhhh, etc, seems very overwhelming right now. My beautiful maid of honor is in China for two months and I hope she plans to be as overwhelmed as me when she gets back. I have def picked the best girls, I know they’ll be there for me for both the wedding planning and you know, the rest of my life. <3. If you have any suggestions, ideas, etc… PLEASE LET ME KNOW! 🙂 


Our 3rd Year!

Well, yesterday we celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Good Lord, time flies! It’s hard to believe we’ve been together 3 years. So much has happened in our last year together including us relocating to Athens, Georgia! Our beautiful dogs both turned one year old (Murphy in December, Oakley in March). We are very lucky to be our own little family and I know we can’t wait to spend forever together. Official wedding plans should be coming in just a few weeks and I’m so ready to take engagement photos too! Blog again soon!