Life at this moment 

Well, it has been nearly a year since I posted on here but I will sum up our life at this moment!

We just celebrated our one year anniversary. We took off to NYC for a wonderful and exciting weekend. It was a great little get away but it felt like a weekend of working out! We walked over 35 miles in 3 days! It was crazy! Next trip will hopefully be much more relaxing!

We bought a house at the end of March. If you’re wondering why I haven’t sent out the change of address postcards I made nearly 3 months ago, well, it’s because I’m really slow and lazy about it. Sort of like this blog… 😉

I started a new job back in January at Athens First Bank & Trust. I literally love every second of it! The people there are amazing and working a Monday-Friday 8-5 job has been so great for Alan and I!

Murphy and Oakley both turned 3 this past year and Brantley turned 1. Time sure does fly with these babies! Speaking of babies, we are getting there. They are on the mind but not actually trying for them, yet. 😉

Alan and I celebrate our 5th year together this August. Hopefully, we’ll do something nice for it and he won’t forget it like he did last year- hint hint.

A few pictures below from NYC, the new house and the babies (puppies)

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