It’s my “bride” prerogative

So, I’ve literally changed my wedding plans 10 times and I’ve loved every second of it. But here’s to my last change…


WE’RE ELOPING!…… Sorta. 


I say sorta, because we’re not really hiding it from anybody and we are planning it in advance but we are going to an amazing spot in Montego Bay, Jamaica and we will say “I Do” on June 1st probably in some super picturesque place. We are taking my Dad and Alan’s Dad, Mom and sister and I’m really looking forward to this amazing vacation, but mainly, I’m looking forward to this time that I get to begin my marriage with my best friend. We plan to spend 9 days there (Our family will be there for 4 days) and it will be the best time <3. 


We plan on having a reception at the end of June in NC with all of our family and friends.We will watch our wedding video and have some great food and drinks.  This is also where our AMAZING bridal party will be honored and hopefully give some drunken speeches. 

Thanks for enjoying this ride as I planned my wedding and I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone. 


PS… I got my dress and I want to go into a billion details about it, but of course I can’t. 

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